re: RP-ML: Re: Advertising Invisiontec & Objet

From: Jim Quinn (
Date: Wed Jun 25 2003 - 21:49:49 EEST


Here is a snippet from the rules at this URL:


> Guidelines - mailing list etiquette
> Advertising on the mailing list
> Once upon a time, it was felt by some that advertising on this mailing list was not
> appropriate.
> It is NOT, unless the message is INFORMATIVE, ie. it contains information
> relevant to an issue being discussed, or it helps fullfill the purpose of the mailing list.
> For instance, it is entirely acceptable for a RP vendor to announce a new product. We
> are all interested in the products the RP vendors are placing on the market. I refrain
> from giving more examples, and I hope common sense and tolerance prevail from
> those sending and receiving such messages.

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