ZCorp, Vacuum Casting, Materials

From: ThorstenWieser@gmx.de
Date: Sun Jun 29 2003 - 22:07:14 EEST

Hello RPML,

At the moment I write my Diploma Thesis about Rapid Casting. My university
"Universidade do Minho" in Portugal possess a 3D printer Z402 from
ZCorporation. My project is about to use this printer to build moulds for
casting with ferrous materials.

Now I have several questions, maybe somebody of you can help me. I would be
very thankful.
1. Machine: Software update
By the Z402 we sometimes have the problem when we print bigger parts that
air bubbles appear in the supply line of the binder and this affects the
quality of the parts. I want to solve the problem in this way that the
software can be updated that after a special number of printed layers more
pumps will be done that the bubbles are out of the system. Somebody had the
problem? How you solved this problem? In a mechanical way? Is there a update
of the program, we are using Version 4.01?

2. Materials

I know that Z Corp has already the powders Z102 and Z500 but they only allow
making castings in aluminium and other non-ferrous materials. Are there some
other suppliers for powder for 3D-printers? What the powders are made from?
Are they based on sugar or wheat?

3. Price list, comparison

Via internet I’m looking for a site which tells me the prices about the
common RP systems and the cost by using (material, reworking ...). You
know some
interesting site? Also very interesting would be a site which compares the
systems, (accuracy, building time, range of materials ...)

Hint plugged cartridge (ink pot)
To give you also a little interesting hint. At the beginning we had problems
with plugged cartridges. Before buying new one we wanted to reuse them. So
we cleaned them with alcohol, afterwards we put some drops of distilled
inside and then we brought them under vacuum (0.1 bar difference). After
hours we could use them again.
Thank you very much to spend attention. I’m looking forward to get some

Best regards,

Thorsten Wieser
Fachhochschule Aalen, Maschinenbau, Deutschland
University for applied science, mechanical department, Germany)
parnter university
Universidade do Minho (Portugal)

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