New RM processes

From: Brock (
Date: Wed Jul 02 2003 - 22:00:38 EEST

A relatively new company, Eoplex, South San Francisco, is offering a
rapid manufacturing process, called High Volume Print-Forming
(HVPM[tm]). The process is described at:

I have seen some of the parts, and they look pretty good. Relatively
small, freely moving parts, with the possibility of nesting functional
parts or circuit lines of different materials in the interior. Now I'm
trying to figure out who needs such capability.

Another company, Invenios, is offering 3-D micromachining of parts in
glass ceramics, using a two-photon, single-laser system:

I haven't seen any sample parts, but they are probably too small to see
clearly anyway. Some enlargements appear on their Web site.

I keep wondering if any of these processes are useful in combination
with RP processes to functionize prototypes, as such, or even to turn
them into production parts.

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