Re: Anybody see a potential RP application here?

From: Bo Atkinson (
Date: Sun Jul 06 2003 - 12:39:36 EEST

>I stumbled on this article from the January 2003 edition of "Nature" (Yep, I
>finally got time to read it)
>In this week's Nature, researchers reveal a porous material that opens or
>closes its pores in response to UV light.
>Scientists from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and
>Technology (AIST-Kansai), Japan, have developed a
>nanoporous material that opens or closes its pores under the influence of
>light. The modified hexagonal mesoporous silica could have applications in
>the controlled release of chemicals, for example in drug delivery systems.
>Anybody envision an ink jet style RP printer with molecular scale resolution
>and no jets to clog?
>Lawrence R. Blasch
>Design Engineer
>CAE Systems Administrator

Hmmm ;)

Could a "simple" sheet of that be used with a projected UV image?
In effect to deposit coloring/ pigments on a product? A simplified
inkjet for the customizing artisan? I'd love to try a sheet of it,
especially if a standard PC projector could activate the effect.

Bo Atkinson

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