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From: Rafael Santillan (
Date: Sun Jul 06 2003 - 17:59:42 EEST

Re: Magnetic plastics for injection molding ? Dear Listers
does anybody out there has a human STL brain ? any kind !
by the way some months ago I was lookingfor the brain-gear STL, and I got
the one that does not have rotational movement on the gears,
does anybody has the one that allow the gears to rotate so you can build on
a SLS or 3dprint machine ?

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    Hello All,
                  We are looking for magnetic plastic for injection moulding
parts and like to have as strong magnetic attraction as possible. Could some
one please provide us the best resources for such materials and technology
or would like to share your experience. Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,

  Have you considered just adding iron powder to an existing
machine/process? For many other magnetic properties, there are a range of
ferrites available in powder form.. It would seem such powdered materials
might substitute for a given thickening agent in an existing and otherwise
acceptable plastic process.

  Bo Atkinson

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