Re: Rhino and Building Skins/Structural Steel (NURBS -> Mesh)

From: Jeffrey Everett (
Date: Tue Jul 08 2003 - 19:49:25 EEST

Hi Jonathan

Meshing controls are really pretty simple. Build a sphere or something else
simple, and mesh it in a variety of ways and watch the results, and keep
reading the help files while doing it. You'll gain a quick understanding, or
at least I did. The most important of the various controls is maximum
distance, edge to surf. That sets the 'chordal deviation', or how close the
mesh will track the NURBS surface. If building good meshes is important to
you, I highly suggest you get PowerSolids or PowerBooleans plulg-in from
nPower Software. Their meshing algorthm is far superior to McNeels and
produces high quality valid volumes which instantaneously translate into stl
in Rhino.

Jeffrey Everett

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Subject: Rhino and Building Skins/Structural Steel (NURBS -> Mesh)

> List,
> This is a longshot, but...
> 1. Is anyone working with Rhino to create building Skins or Structural
> Steel?
> 2. Does anyone know of someone working with the NURBS -> Mesh command who
> knows the programming geometry (or can explain the practical implications)
> involved with the "Detailed Controls" involved in this command? MAX ANGLE,
> I also posted to the Rhino Site, but thought that perhaps there would be
> someone with a professional contact on the list.
> Sincerely,
> Jonathan
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