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Yes, you asked for it. Firstly, listed below are two service bureaus
that have the most recent Objet technology. The first has the brand new
Objet Eden 330, and the second has its predecessor, the QuadraTempo
(however, they will be soon upgrading it to the new Eden Technology).
Objet launched their new Eden 330 at the Rapid Prototyping Show in May.
The primary advancements of the new Eden 330 are: a larger build
envelope (13.5"x13"x8"h), thinner layers (.0006"), new print head
technology (8 user-replaceable heads), and a new material with improved
strength and flexibility. You can find a nice summary of the Objet
technology at, and get even more details at

I know this sounds like an advertisement (and maybe even heresy) ... but
the truth is that companies that we've been working with that have had
extremely positive feedback in regard to the new Objet Eden parts. They
claim that they are even better than parts they have had made using
prior technologies. On top of that, it's an easy machine to own ...
does not require extensive resources in terms of facility, labor, large
material inventory, etc. - plus it's the best price/volume ratio in the
market. I realize I may be biased since my firm represents their
products in Illinios, but the reason is because it is such a great
technology that is making it easier for more companies to have high
quality RP capability of their own. I'd be happy to provide further
information or additional references off-list.

Service Bureaus:

World Class Prototypes Inc.
687 Commerce Ct. Suite #30
Holland, MI 49424
Phone: 616-738-1269
Fax: 616-738-1012
Jim Leonard

Visual Dimensions
2685 Dow Avenue #C
Tustin, CA 92780-7201
Phone: 714-832-4544
Fax: 714-832-5368
John Pyle

Best Regards,

Craig Dechtenberg
3D Output, Inc.
p (312) 787-0359
f (312) 577-0510

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Is there anywhere out there where one could buy parts made on

Or perhaps the Objet Eden machine?

Thanks in advance for any info.

(Sorry if this causes a flood of "advertisements" to the list.)

RP Scott

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