Who's got a large format Zcorp machine

From: Andrew Miller (amiller@aminnovations.on.ca)
Date: Thu Jul 10 2003 - 01:09:40 EEST

these things are mor in the relm of traditional wodden model making but the
customer is in a hurry....CNC modeling board is also a good idea (just too
big for our machine)

You may need to download a small Active X plug in for you browser to read
these (worth it trust me)
Left click on the model to rotate, right click to zoom...

Part1 http://www.aminnovations.on.ca/3dfiles/prt1.html
Outside dimensions 11.2" x 30.3" x 40.1"

Part 2 http://www.aminnovations.on.ca/3dfiles/prt2.html
Outside dimensions 20.7" x 10.4" x 7.5"

Part 3 http://www.aminnovations.on.ca/3dfiles/prt3.html
Outside dimensions 11.2" x 30.3" x 40.1"

Any options/quotes would be apreciated.

Andrew miller
AM Innovations Inc.

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