From: Tom Hester (
Date: Fri Jul 11 2003 - 21:19:22 EEST

We have had success with RP models modeled in Maya 4.5 until recently when we noticed holes in certain surfaces while reviewing the geometry in the Catalyst software. However, when we went back into Maya to locate the holes so that we could repair them, there didn’t appear to be anything wrong. All normals were properly oriented, all CV’s were attached and uncrossed, no objects had open ends or obvious holes. The catalyst test-build shows no yellow streaks yet rotating the model definitely revealed streaks and notches characteristic of the presence of holes in the geometry. When the file was sent over to the Stratasys machine it wouldn’t print and showed the same holes that Catalyst showed. How can we review the original geometry in a way that shows us the holes? Right now nothing we do shows us the problem in a way we can respond to or fix. The model is a small character figure posed on a flat cylindrical base with inset text on the top of the base and around the curved side.

When we use PolyTrans to make the .stl we get the following error message: “Pre-processing geometry (if export appears to hang, Maya has experienced a NURBS tessellation problem)”. The model is eight polygonal objects positioned relative to each other with overlaps previously sufficient to generate a solid object print-out. This time, for some reason, we are having this baffling problem. The inset letters are made with Booleans.

Any clues are much appreciated.

Thanks! Great forum!


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