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Date: Sat Jul 12 2003 - 06:35:34 EEST

Dear Tom Hester,

Maya can be a beast!! Particularly when booleans are involved!!

My little concoction is to export the obj file and to import it in
Form Z, Rhino, or preferably, another animation program-- cinema 4dxl.
I use the booleans in Cinema reliably and then export the stl. It works
almost every time except one time when I sent a file to be milled that
ended up having an easily repairable hole.

best, michael rees

On Friday, July 11, 2003, at 02:19 PM, Tom Hester wrote:

> Hi! 
> We have had success with RP models modeled in Maya 4.5 until recently
> when we noticed holes in certain surfaces while reviewing the geometry
> in the Catalyst software. However, when we went back into Maya to
> locate the holes so that we could repair them, there didnít appear to
> be anything wrong. All normals were properly oriented, all CVís were
> attached and uncrossed, no objects had open ends or obvious holes. The
> catalyst test-build shows no yellow streaks yet rotating the model
> definitely revealed streaks and notches characteristic of the presence
> of holes in the geometry. When the file was sent over to the Stratasys
> machine it wouldnít print and showed the same holes that Catalyst
> showed. How can we review the original geometry in a way that shows us
> the holes? Right now nothing we do shows us the problem in a way we
> can respond to or fix. The model is a small character figure posed on
> a flat cylindrical base with inset text on the top of the base and
> around the curved side. 
> When we use PolyTrans to make the .stl we get the following error
> message: ìPre-processing geometry (if export appears to hang, Maya has
> experienced a NURBS tessellation problem)î. The model is eight
> polygonal objects positioned relative to each other with overlaps
> previously sufficient to generate a solid object print-out. This time,
> for some reason, we are having this baffling problem. The inset
> letters are made with Booleans. 
> Any clues are much appreciated. 
> Thanks! Great forum! 
> TL
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