Alternate cleaning options

From: Steve Garrison (
Date: Tue Jul 15 2003 - 23:28:58 EEST

Hello All-

         I have question about an alternative to TPM in the post processing
of my SLA parts. I currently put my parts in the TPM then water rinse and
alcohol and oftentimes back to water, alcohol, back to. . . What we are
looking for is something that will really cut the resin the first time
without all the extra steps. I tried using just alcohol but it seems to
get saturated with resin fast and loses it's ability to clean parts.

         A little info. we currently are using five different resins:
    * 7560
    * 7565
    * 5195
    * 5170
    * 9120
         So we need something that will clean all of those. I did a little
digging in the archive and found a thread about POLYFLUSH. Can we get some
more responses about POLYFLUSH and also, is there anything else on the
market that will work well with those resins.

Steve Garrison
Metro RP
R.P. Part Coordinator

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