Re: Alternate cleaning options

From: Andrew Layton (
Date: Wed Jul 16 2003 - 02:20:47 EEST

I'll be doing some experiments on this over the next couple months. I'll
let you know what I find.

At 04:28 PM 7/15/2003, Steve Garrison wrote:
>Hello All-
> I have question about an alternative to TPM in the post
> processing of my SLA parts. I currently put my parts in the TPM then
> water rinse and alcohol and oftentimes back to water, alcohol, back to.
> . . What we are looking for is something that will really cut the resin
> the first time without all the extra steps. I tried using just alcohol
> but it seems to get saturated with resin fast and loses it's ability to
> clean parts.
> A little info. we currently are using five different resins:
> * 7560
> * 7565
> * 5195
> * 5170
> * 9120
> So we need something that will clean all of those. I did a
> little digging in the archive and found a thread about POLYFLUSH. Can we
> get some more responses about POLYFLUSH and also, is there anything else
> on the market that will work well with those resins.
>Steve Garrison
>Metro RP
>R.P. Part Coordinator

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