RE: Thermojet finish

From: Kevin Lafferty (
Date: Thu Jul 17 2003 - 20:45:48 EEST

Thanks to all who replied to my Thermojet finish question.

>IJ (Irene) George wrote:
>What material are you using in your ThermoJet? Have you tried more than one
>of the waxes that 3DSystems offers?

Actually the only thing I have is a sample part from 3D Systems (a Motorola
pocket radio) that I was trying to get a better surface finish on. The stair
stepping is quite noticeable and would not be acceptable for the finished
item. As to which material it is I don't know but it's definitely a wax.

>thoms1991 wrote:
>The upward facing and vertical surfaces should be smooth as-built. The
>downward facing (supported) surfaces can be toothbrushes and waxed to

The sample I received definitely needs work on the upfacing and vertical
surfaces to achieve an acceptable finish. Could you please elaborate on what
you mean by "waxed to smoothness"?

Kevin Lafferty

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