Dumb SLA 250 Questions

From: Andrew Miller (amiller@aminnovations.on.ca)
Date: Sat Jul 19 2003 - 17:35:50 EEST

Well....we've been shopping for a used SLA 250....Our First SLA machine...

I may have a lead on a inexpensive one...however the people selling are
selling it as "Surplus" equipment from an educational institution
(university Physics dept) which means they know even less about it than
us.....to them it's just a Cabnet with a puddle of sticky stuff in it....


Could sombody out there in RP land give me a quick tutorial on how to run a
quick diagnostic?

For the most part I'm looking to boot it up and see if it still functions in
any way. However detailed info like laser life and wattage is supper

It's an older machine that has been in storage for at least 2 years so I'm
assuming it has an older version of Buildstation on it.

Anyway...help is appreciated ...thanks.

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