Follow-up: Metals in Rapid Tooling and Manufacturing

From: marni hager (
Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 02:38:06 EEST

Hi Everyone,

I said that I would post a message that summed up the responses I got to
the question of what metals are currently available for use in rapid
tooling and manufacturing, so here it is.

For use in EOSINT M systems:
DirectMetal 20
DirectMetal 50
DirectSteel 20
DirectSteel 50

Precision casting is done using:
ferrous alloys - 4140, 316 SS, and 17-4PH
non-ferrous alloys - A356 Aluminum, 20C beryllium copper, Art Casters
bronze, and precious metal alloys

For use with Arcam electron beam melting system:
B39 Steel
P123 Steel

Thank you for the responses,
Marni Hager

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