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From: Mitchell, Doug (D.B.) (
Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 16:39:39 EEST

Developed by the Rapid Prototyping Association of SME (RPA/SME),
this program will present an interesting journey into the technology
of Direct Metal Processes. The additive nature of rapid prototyping
and various direct metal processes provides new opportunities for

Direct metal is a relatively new additive process that fabricates
metal objects from CAD. The ability to create complex objects with
intricate internal geometry such as oil passages, cooling lines,
undercuts, and cored features is within reach. The end result of
the process can deliver items that can not be made by other methods.

These processes can produce objects with unique materials and
properties. A transition from one metal to another metal is possible
within an object. These processes can directly manufacture molds and
dies with integrated conformal cooling. In addition, repairs and
modifications can be made to existing dies utilizing these controlled
processes without the problems associated with traditional welding

Learn valuable information about utilizing these exciting technologies
and how they can benefit your organization! Presentations and
discussions will include existing and emerging direct metal processes
and applications that will enable direct digital manufacturing.

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Doug Mitchell
Ford Motor Company

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