LG Electronics Inc. : Tooling engineers wanted

From: Chang-Shik Min (mcs9413@dreamwiz.com)
Date: Sat Jul 26 2003 - 01:39:45 EEST

Highly skilled tooling engineers wanted !!!

LG Electronics Inc.- Poduction engineering Research Center,a world class RP&T research institute,has an immediate opening for a CNC MACHINIST/TOOLMAKER.

Responsibilities: -UG/NCG programming to high speed CNC machine
                  -Set-up,operate,and lay out all machining operations to
                   machine fast aluminum/steel prototype tools for injection

Requirements: -Experience in machining aluminum/steel
              -CNC machine operation and set-up
               CNC programming experience (UG/NCG preferred) with a background
               in EDM (Sinker), CNC lathes, mills and grinders, jigs, fixtures,
               and prototype tools.
              -Good command of English

Send Resume: LG Electronics Inc.- Production engineering Research Center
             Design Engineering Group

             Attention: Chang-Shik,Min
                        19-1 Cheongho-Ri Jinwuy-Myon
                        Tel: +82-31-660-7090
                        Fax: +82-31-660-7384
                        E-Mail:mcs9413@lge.com and mcs9413@dreamwiz.com
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Chang-Shik,Min (Chief Research Engineer)

Design Engg. Gr.,LG-Production engineering Research Center
LG Electronics Inc.,19-1 Cheongho-Ri,Jinwuy-Myon
Pyungtaek(451-713),Republic of Korea.

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