need a SB wth a machine capable of very fine detail for jewlery

From: Rafael Santillan (
Date: Tue Jul 29 2003 - 16:22:26 EEST

Hi listers

I have a high detailed STL file of jewl that need to be done with great
detail. The part measures 3in long by 2 and contain 8 scaled highly
detailed human bodies, the part should be able to build the part without
missing the hand fingers detail.
The human figures measure aprox 0.5inches
Since the part has to be shipped a couriers a hard material would be
desireble (SLA) to reduce risk of damage.

any interested SB please contact me directly to send you a JPG and if agreed
the price the STL

best regards

Dr. Rafael Santillan
Cerro Gordo 105, Col. Las Americas
Queretaro. Qro. Mex. CP 76130
Tel/Fax. 442- 217-0803
Cel; 442-236-6015
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Subject: CAD models of a hand

I am trying to find a CAD model of a "poseable" hand or hand in
different configurations that may be available commercially. Does anyone
have any leads?

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