Re: SLA 250 Beam Analysis Problem

From: KT Tan (
Date: Fri Aug 01 2003 - 17:38:51 EEST

Hi Taner
It appears that the Sensor #1 is dirty. Try cleaning it with alcohol.
Well I had another problem, though not as serious: There is a notable difference in reported laser power between the 2 sensors: 1 says 20 mW, the other 34 mW. Need cleaning too?

Taner Sonmez <> wrote:
Dear Sirs,

We have a SLA 250 machine and recently had a problem with it.

1. We had first had VAT controller problem and later solved it. Now the elevator moves up and down.
2. But after that, when we try to make a beam analysis (during laser on, heater on condition) we receive below information on the control computer;
"Searching for Sensor #1: press any key to abort"
and this screen info stays appr. 5min. Then we receive;
"Can't find Sensor #1. Is beam blocked?"
During this operation we did not see the laser beam.

So, would you please guide us how we cabn solve that problem?

Thanking you in advance,
Best regrds,

Taner Sonmez

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