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Features Include:

· Low maintenance due to few moving parts; heavy duty, rugged, and dependable.

· Frame open on 3 sides, plus front and bottom, to facilitate use of core pulls in 5 directions.

· Twin cushioned tilt cylinders.
· Twin ram cylinders provide a safety factor, extra holding pressure and better clamping balance.

· Hydraulic power units available in manual, automatic, or with programmable controllers.
· Accessories include tie bar extensions, a variety of casting catchers, front ejectors, and adjustable height ejector bumpers.

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CMH offers state of the art precision permanent mold casting equipment. With over thirty years of foundry and manufacturing experience, our machinery and systems have evolved into a proven process, standing up to the test of time in the toughest foundry environments. Our casting equipment has established new standards for low maintenance and is a true labor-saver and profit-maker.

We at CMH specialize in building machinery for the tilt pour process of permanent mold casting. We offer a full line of casting machines designed around that principle to reduce turbulence in pouring, and provide shorter cycle times and less metal for gating. HALL machines adapt well to most automated foundry equipment.

Casting     Reverse Tilting 
Rotary Casting   Casting Catchers

Many of the highest volume permanent mold casters in the world meet their production requirements with HALL machines. We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your needs, whether you produce 50 or 50,000 parts per day.

Contact us at:

C.M.H. Manufacturing Co.
1320 Harvard Street
Lubbock, TX  79403

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