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Date: Wed Aug 06 2003 - 09:19:09 EEST

1 August, 2003

As of this date the DeskCNC, TP-100 touch trigger probe is released.

This device is a mechanical contact probe capable of scanning a contoured
surface at rates of 20,000 points or more per hour. It is integrated with
the DeskCNC controller and software program. Routines, within the DeskCNC
software, permit jog selection of scanning zones and then fully automated
raster collection of surface data, resulting in the creation of a
machinable, .STL file. Probe tip radius compensation and waterline
probing are also included.

The probe has a precision ruby tip for reduced wear and increased
accuracy. The shank is 3/8 inch diameter, to accommodate the capacities
of the small desktop mills such as the Sherline, Taig, and MaxNC. With an
expected useful life in excess of 10,000,000 data points, it is suitable
for both commercial and hobby use.

In addition to the probing capabilities, the package also includes a base
and contact tip that converts the probe into a precision tool length
setter. In this mode tool lengths are automatically measured and recorded
in the DeskCNC tool table.

Price is $399 in single quantities, DeskCNC customers are eligible for a
discounted price of $275.

Some pictures and additional information is available at:

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