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Date: Sat Aug 09 2003 - 16:11:08 EEST


Use an SLA machine running DSM SOMOS 8100 series resin. It will give you the
flexibility you ae interested in and the accuracy you need.

Specify that the part be built with the o-ring grooves square to the X,Y
platform and run the parts with the "Gussett Support" option turned off
where the o-ring grooves are located. This will eliminate any damage to the
seal surface of the o-ring gland.

You should be able to use the SLA part as a substitute for the Delrin part
without any problems.


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Hi All,
I have some small parts I need prototyped, the last revision I machined
in Delrin which is my material of choice for these parts but I am
adaptable. These parts include Oring glands/grooves and some snap fits
so the rp system tolerance is key. Any suggestions on processes I could
look at?
Scott Nelson
Colpitts Design <>
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