8/7/03 Update for the Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping web site

From: EdGrenda@aol.com
Date: Mon Aug 11 2003 - 20:53:52 EEST

Good Day:

There have been some major additions and updates to the Worldwide Guide to
Rapid Prototyping web site in the last few days:

*** RP Picture of the Week Archive.
Some of the nearly forty RP Picture of the Week features we've presented in
the last year have been newsworthy, but we've also tried to present the vast
range of work that's being pursued in this field. Among the subjects we've
covered are the use of RP in the separation of Siamese twins, the reconstruction
of the Devil's Tower Neanderthal child, new rapid tooling and direct
manufacturing technologies, micro-rapid prototyping, RP of buildings, and many more.
These articles are now available in a searchable archive, including 175
photographs and illustrations, many of which are outstanding.

You can get to the archive by clicking on the button at the top left of our
front page:

*** Instant RP News.
Our instant Google News search for RP has been made even better with the
addition of instant news searches from Yahoo! and AltaVista. Satisfy your morbid
curiosity with both breadth and depth with a single mouse click. It's often
possible to find news releases that are just a few minutes old and Yahoo! and
AltaVista keep materials available much longer than Google.

Look for the link with the newspaper graphic at the top left of the front
page, as well as on many other pages. Follow the RP industry and technology on a
daily basis with a few mouse clicks.

*** RP Glossary and Acronym Lists.
While you're visiting., check out this fairly new feature. There are nearly
80 glossary entries and more than 60 acronyms. Quick definitions are
presented, but most terms are linked to other areas of the site for in-depth

*** The Compleat Rapid Prototyping Mailing List Archive.
You can have every posting to the Rapid Prototyping Mailing List for
approximately the last 8 years available for searching on your own hard drive. Just
updated through 8/7/03, there are nearly 22,000 pages of RP writings and
retributions available for downloading in several zip files. The material can be
used as a source of advice, case studies, contact information, expert
individuals and market data.


The Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping

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