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Schroff Development sold its last JP5 System in 2001 when it sold five of them. The company no longer sells them today. Over the past few years, Schroff has transitioned to becoming a CAD textbook publisher.

You may find a used JP5 System on the market. A total of 172 were sold, with 64 systems sold in 1997 alone. It was a good process for teaching the concept of manufacturing models by layer, so schools liked them. Some companies also benefited from the JP5 and at least one of them was able to build certain parts with it faster than with an SLA 250. And with a price of $7,500 to $10,500 for a JP5 System, the difference in cost was dramatic. Perhaps someone should explore the possibility of bringing a similar paper lamination device back to the market place.

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  Are there any JP5 Systems still being sold? The web site at Schroff seems
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