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Date: Mon Aug 11 2003 - 22:46:24 EEST

Many people may remember the topographical models Helisys used to build. The burned edges of the paper between each build layer gave the models a wood grain effect that was not only beautiful, but also increased the sense of the contour of the land, as 2-D topo maps do. I don't know if such layered models were more or less accurate, but leaving
the visible lines in the model, combined with the physical shape, to me at least, increased the communication value. Rather then sanding down the steps between layers (to gain accuracy), you might consider leaving the lines in, even in a metal model, for aesthetic value.

Brock Hinzmann

Makai Smith wrote:

> It's not _that odd.
> There's always the USGS DEM. They're 1/4 mi. squares, raster heights at 30m spacing. The Z tends to be more accurate, mostly derived from 1:24k topo quads. There are a few freeware ways to get from DEM to geometry. Start at What's the output size? How much of the Rockies do they want? How important is accuracy?
> Makai
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> I have an odd request from a customer. They are wanting a 3D file of the
> Rocky Mountains so that they can make a replica in RP and have it metal
> plated.
> So, any such things out there?
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