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Basically, no problem.
The data is out there courtesy of your gov tax dollars in a variety of
forms. There are a large varitey of value added and not so value added
resellers of the US Geological Survey data.

The Geographical Information systems, GIS, world definately has their own
terminology and data formats so getting the data from to stl is not
completely trivial. Most good GIS applications will give a surface mesh
that can be forced into an stl or CNC format with a little thumping. The
new ZCORP software supports the creation of GIS models more directly so that
is a good route.

LGM would be happy to help you out as we make this kind of model all the
time. (well, OK not the metal part...but that would be fun to see.) If you
want to go it alone, give me a call 800 448 8808 and pick my brain. If
you did not want to get into the GIS stuff, we can do a quote on the file
prep for you and send you a buildable .stl to your specs. You could take it
from there with your technologies.

Best Wishes

Charles Overy

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It's not _that odd.
There's always the USGS DEM. They're 1/4 mi. squares, raster heights at 30m
spacing. The Z tends to be more accurate, mostly derived from 1:24k topo
quads. There are a few freeware ways to get from DEM to geometry. Start at What's the output size? How much of the Rockies
do they want? How important is accuracy?


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I have an odd request from a customer. They are wanting a 3D file of the
Rocky Mountains so that they can make a replica in RP and have it metal

So, any such things out there?

David K. Leigh (254) 933-1000
Harvest Technologies, Inc. fax (254) 298-0125
Rapid Prototyping Services

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Hi Ismo,

Many thanks for your kindness and help. The converting has been done with
DeskProto software.

Best regards,

James Wang

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> Hello James,
> Please try DeskArtes 3Data Expert. You can download it from our web
> pages at and receive a free
> evaluation license to convert your files.
> Best regards,
> Ismo Mäkelä
> Yizhong Wang wrote:
> > Dear All,
> >
> > I have several stl files in binary format and want to convert them
> > into ASCII format. Would you please tell my how to do it? Many
> > thanks in advance!
> >
> > Best regards,
> >
> > James Wang
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