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Date: Fri Aug 15 2003 - 04:00:08 EEST

Several people have mentioned that they self insure. I assume mean that you
add a specific charge to your invoices figuring you will lose a few? Do
you actually line item this charge on invoices? What do you see as your
historical loss rate?

I will caclulate our loss rate and post. If others would like to do the
same I will play the actuarial and aggregate the results. Happy to post a
report so that the community can get an idea of what might be appropriate
charges. Any specifics on loss like overnight shipping, model type, crated
or boxed might make this data more valuble. Hell, we are not in the
business of insurance but I would like to sleep better at night when our
work is on the road.



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> Its get even worse.
> They also have some escape clause for damage where the packaging
> is insufficient. For any significant claims, they will pull this one out.
> We had a box that had been crushed and another where a fork lift
> had obviously been driven clean through the box (and the part).
> They blamed both on the packaging. They reasoned that, the fact
> that the parts got damaged was, in itself, the obvious proof that
> they were not packaged well enough. They were both double boxed.
> That's when we realized the insurance is a scam. You're right,
> the insurance is a total waste of money. We self insure
> everything now. We used our business insurance carrier for a
> large shipment once, but it was too much hassle.
> Oh well. Live and learn.
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> Hello,
> Has anyone else expereinced Fed Ex denying a damage claim on a model?
> It seems that they have a one liner in their terms and conditions
> that says
> the specifically do not accept responsibility for damage to
> "scale models".
> (Even if you buy thier insurance). In this case they didn't just shake it
> arround a bit, they crushed the crate made from 3/4 inch plywood
> and 2x4's.
> >From their site of "Liabilites not assumed:"
"The shipment of scale models... "
I do not know if shipment was a prototype at 1:1 scale they would still

Wondering if anyone else had this experience and who they use for shipping

Beware that it is probably a waste of money to buy insurance on FedEx
Better yet find a shipper who will support your product. It does appear that
UPS has not such restriction.

Charles Overy

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