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Belated response here. . . sorry, but if your Monday is slow, you're reading
all of your e-mails anyway.

We've used about every express shipper known to man. We've had good and bad
experiences with all of 'em. I would say, that in thousands of packages
shipped, we've had the least difficulties with FedEx. But. . .

1) We had a FedEx truck decide to turn around in our front lawn. He didn't
want to back into the street, so he just backed right up into a muddy and
soaked lawn with new sod. He got stuck and had to have a tow truck pull him
out. I was like "Dude, do you back into your front yard at home so you can
hit the neighborhood street using D instead of R? Duh!" We have since
called this particular driver "Rut Boy." They paid - finally - to have the
lawn fixed and the sprinkler head replaced. Not sure their insurance policy
takes care of this.
2) We've had a package utterly destroyed by FedEx. They paid the default
$100. I looked at the insurance thing as well, but the cost of insurance
was like 7%? Anyway, I figure if you ship out $50,000 of product a month -
the insurance will run around $3500. For us, that is more than our average
shipment, so self insurance is cheaper.
3) We've routinely had UPS miss delivery dates. . . they left it on the
counter, it's on the wrong truck, they don't know where it is, it's still on
the counter, routing error, it never left your city, oh . . . it's still on
the counter.
4) Didn't want this to sound like a 3 point sermon, so had to put in a 4th
bullet. Have a good week.

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On Thu, 14 Aug 2003, Charles Overy wrote:
> Has anyone else expereinced Fed Ex denying a damage claim on a model?
> It seems that they have a one liner in their terms and conditions that
> the specifically do not accept responsibility for damage to "scale
> (Even if you buy thier insurance). In this case they didn't just shake it
> arround a bit, they crushed the crate made from 3/4 inch plywood and
> >From their site of "Liabilites not assumed:"
> ilities.html?link=4
> "The shipment of scale models... "
> I do not know if shipment was a prototype at 1:1 scale they would still
> deny.


> Wondering if anyone else had this experience and who they use for shipping
> instead?

A couple of years ago I had a Solidscape jewelry model destroyed --
the entire package crushed -- by Fedex, and although I had not bought
extra insurance they did pay the $100 default value without arguing.

So there's a data point...if Fedex is like most companies, it probably
depends a lot on who picks up the phone.


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