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Date: Fri Aug 22 2003 - 09:41:19 EEST

Hi all -

Every now and then I break out of my silence to share my wisdom (if you can
call it that) with the fine RPML community. As the SLS Users Group
Meeting is getting closer, I just wanted to offer my personal
recommendation to all potential attendees. All SLS users, if you are not
sure yet if you are going to attend, I suggest you seriously consider heck, just sign up and come on out. It is a great
opportunity to learn more about the technology we use everyday (I am
certainly still learning), and network with users we would never normally
have an opportunity to meet. I will certainly be there and who wouldn't
want a chance to hang out with me?

Hey if nothing else this note is not about a virus or spam.....


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Subject: Hours for SLSUG early registration

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The hours are counting down until the cut-off between the early and late
registration fees!!!

Please help us to make this years SLS User's conference one of the very
best events, an extraordinary value for the cost.

                    2003 SLS User's Conference
                      Orlando, Florida
                     Gaylord Palms Hotel
                    September 14th to the 17th

We have more than a dozen distinguished presenters covering pre, during,
and post build uses of the SLS technology.

NCP Leasing is graciously sponsoring our Monday night Vendors and Parts
Fair, which will include vendors as 3DSystems, Materialize, Integra,
Formec, Realise, DSM Somos, Vortisiv, and others.

We also are going to have a fabulous off-site dinner on Tuesday,

Go to the 3DSystems web site and find out more

You will not be disappointed!

Pete Haldeman
2003 SLSUG President
CNH Global

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