Lost Core Urethane Castings

From: fanbelt.1@netzero.com
Date: Sun Aug 24 2003 - 07:54:27 EEST

We are planning to make some flexible hollow urethane castings. The interior volume of these parts will have significant undercuts in the direction of draw, so a conventional permanent core for the molds won't do the job.

Does anyone have any advice regarding possible core materials that can witstand the moderate heat generated when urethane resin cures, yet can be melted or dissolved out of the finished part?

We've thought about using the wax material that can be used in a stratasys FDM system, but were concerned about the heat generated during curing of the part. Also, we'd considered using the water-soluble Styratasys support material, but we're not sure if we can "trick" the system into creating a part that consists only of the support.

Any advice or ideas?

Thanks in advance


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