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Date: Sun Aug 24 2003 - 17:31:32 EEST


Can anyone share their knowledge with translation issues from Autocad (2000)
to Rhino and Form Z? I think I will be doing some wireframe and surface
armatures in Autocad and then slicing up some solids generated in Rhino or
Form Z with this armature.

I understand that Rhino does not recognize Autocad Solids and that there is
a translation that would need to be done in order to get this solid into
Rhino. Does anyone have a convenient workaround for this?Or maybe I will
simply form up the solid in Rhino and slice it there. I'll probably be going
back and forth quite a bit and would be happy to have some information about
the process.

Anything similar with Form Z?

I am sure that I am bumping up into this "File Type Information versus
Software Capabilities Issue" and wonder if anyone has found a good source
for a "global perspective" on what types of information the various file
types can translate and which softwares deal with what type of information.

Is there a shareware file translation software that I should be using?
Anyone using the STEP tools translator?



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