RPIMF.org website - let me re-state this

From: parts@protocallonline.com
Date: Mon Aug 25 2003 - 19:54:55 EEST

Hi All,

Do to the complete lack of use, I am willing to let someone from the list
take over the site and monthly $10.00 payments.

Nobody is using the site at all. There are very few e-mail sent on the list,
no one is using the forum.

It was never my intention to use the RPIMF site to generate business, and
people who know me can back me up on this.
It seemed that a lot of RP-ML people were leaving, I was trying to keep them

I will assign the rights to the www.rpimf.org domain and the hosted site.

Since it is an .ORG it can not be a commercial site.

If nobody wants it, it will stop working soon.

Doug Johnson
ProtoCall, LLC

507 West College Avenue

Waukesha, WI 53186-4501


262.896.8945 fax




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