Virus warnings, blocked emails etc...

From: Hannu Kaikonen (
Date: Thu Aug 28 2003 - 09:21:41 EEST

sarcasm warning!

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear... Just when I thought we had the traffic under

It is a common practice that sender of an email is friendly adviced
if the message one sent was infected or for some other reason blocked. Now
some people somewhere in their infinite wisdom have decided to start
warning the receiptents of infected emails as well (propably because of
the nature of some viruses)... Since "To:rp-ml..."
is distributed to over 1700 locations around the world, there are a lot of
"content scanners" with this fancy new setup, and we are getting warnings
of the same virus (or "possibly malicious emails") over and over again... That means that we
will get significant amount of "warnings" in the near future.

I'm turly sorry about this, and we will try to figure out how to filter
out these unneccessary warnings.

Just bear with us a while.


Hannu Kaikonen
aka Rapid Dude

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