Greetings from Vienna

From: Hans Havlicek (
Date: Fri Aug 29 2003 - 18:55:01 EEST

Hi folks,

did YOU also receive some 20 mails from during
the last hour?

Everything sent to is obviously forwarded WORLDWIDE.
The organizers are really doing a great job!!

Does someone know how one can be removed from this list? Sending a mail to seems to fill many mailboxes, but has it any
other effect?

How can we stop this? Who can help me?


Hans Havlicek
Technische Universitaet Wien
(Vienna University of Technology)
Abteilung fuer Lineare Algebra und Geometrie
Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8-10/1133
A-1040 Wien - Austria, Europe
Tel.: (+43)-1-588 01-11330
       (+43)-1-588 01-11301 (Mrs. Slama)
Fax: (+43)-1-588 01-11399

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