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From: David K. Leigh (
Date: Thu Sep 04 2003 - 16:11:08 EEST

I know that our Viper has seen the same issues. The laser is relatively new
and many things have been done to improve it since its inception. But,
there is still some ways to go. Since it is a 3D Systems laser, my guess is
the best person to service it would be 3D Systems.

But, there is always someone out there trying to figger this stuff out. I'd
be interested to know others thoughts and experiences on this issue.

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Subject: viper laser problems

Hi all.

I'm writing you from a portuguese company (SolidTech)- We run
a Viper from 3d systems, and we are having some trouble with
the laser power - it is running at about 50-60 mW power.

We've had a 3d system's technician in july, but after one or
two weeks working properly, the power decreased again for
those values (and we can't afford the cost of another visit
that soon).

Does anybody know were can we get assistance (in Europe) for
the laser (it only has about 2300 hours working).

Thank you for your help

Lino Abreu
SolidTech (

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