Soliciting For Business Venture and Partnership.

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Date: Thu Sep 04 2003 - 21:08:40 EEST

From: MR. DAVIS WEMBE Telephone: 0031-641115862



Soliciting For Business Venture and Partnership.

My name is MR. DAVIS WEMBE Chairman of contract award and monitoring
committee of Ministry of Urban and rural development ,my duty as
empowered by the Mauritius Government is to provide the basic amenities,social
recreational activities in urban and rural areas,This programm includes
assistance to deprived Local communities and to co-ordinate projects
and development at the national level, Furthermore, from this projects we
have been able to secure some reasonable amount of U.S.$21.8m(Twenty
one Million Eight Hundred Thousand U.S.Dollars Only)as commision from
various Contractors resulting from over invoicing ,hence all the necessary
approvals has been completed.

These approved fund is now packaged and despatched through a security
company for onward delivery to its final destination. These fund are
first deposited into a vault security before we arrange for its movement
to Europe through diplomatic channel using decoy purporting that the
fund belongs to an expatriate/company , as we are Government officiale ,we
are not allowed to operate/own foreign bank account,Hence we need you
to stand as the beneficiary and claim the fund on our behalf from the
security company.

Presently I am now in Europe to search for a reliable person/company of
high intergrity /dignity and one with conscience who will claim this
fund on our behalf as the beneficiary,and we have agreed to give you 25%
of the total sum as commission for your assistance/effort. And 5% will
be used to settle every expenses incurred. We will use 70% to invest
under your recommendations and guide and to go into Joint venture
business with you.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance .Also you call me on my
telephone number for more briefing 0031-641115862 as I look forward to your
response as soon as possible.

Best regards,

_________________________________________________________ Gratuito, latino y en espaņol.

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