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Date: Thu Sep 04 2003 - 21:45:49 EEST

Dear Friend,
  How are you and family? I hope all is well with you, I write to inform you about my predicament as well desire to invest and to buy a living house in your country and I hope that this transaction will be given an urgent approval and will be treated with the strictest confidence. I am Monica Uju Savimbi from Angola. My Husband, late General Jonas Savimbi was the so called rebel leader who controlled the gold and the diamond regions of Angola for 27years before he died. My husband was attacked and killed by the government forces of president Santos in march 2002. But before his attack/ death he revealed and handed me documents covering deposits with Financial and Security company, the details of this company will be made known to you as soon as you agree to my proposal. However,for the safety of this deposit and myself because of the enemies of husband, I fled from Angola, Iam currently staying in the country where these deposits are made. I will introduce the country, the

financial and security company to you for the finalization of this transaction when I hear from you. The deposit my husband made with the Financial and Security company is in two boxes of 200kg 22 karrat plus alluvia gold dust and the other one contains 45 million U.S.A dollars. please note,that this transaction is 100% risk free because these deposit are not made in Angola,hence I need your help to get this money out of the financial and security company to your country for investment and up keep of my family as it is our only hope of survival. Please , I want you to help me claim this consignment and transfer this physical cash into your bank account in your country from the Financial and security company, because I cannot do this business without the assistance of a foreigner as indicated on the boxes by my late husband, and I will furnish you an authority letter for the claim. I and my first son are ready to sign an undertaking to release 20% of the money to you after t

e money must have been transfered into your bank account and the remaining 80% will be purely for investment purpose. As I have confidence and believe in you as well as I fully hope that you will not betray me and my family. Please this is strictly confidential and urgent. As soon as you indicate your interest the neccessary information will be given to you for the immediate conclusion of this transaction. Thank you and God bless you as I await your urgent reply.
Best Regards,
Mrs.Monica Uju-Savimbi.

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