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Date: Fri Sep 05 2003 - 16:57:32 EEST

I got this e-mail from the guy who runs the website:

I am getting the bulk of the trouble even though I had very
little to do with it. People request me to remove them from
the list, however, the funny thing is that they are not on
it; they (and I) are the victims of e-mail spoofing. Please
read below. There is nothing wrong with the list, in fact,
it does not exists any more, and still people are getting
Due to recent computer worms and viruses, members may be receiving
reports that unsolicited messages are being sent from their email
Please note that the security of your email account has not been
compromised. Your email address is most likely appearing on the messages
due to a process used by viruses called "email spoofing".
Many email viruses work by "spoofing" the email addresses it sends itself
from. Rather than mail itself out using the address of the person infected,
it takes a random name from the infected person's address book and mails
itself out as that person. That makes it impossible to figure out which
address actually sent out the messages in question.
This process is similar to a junk mailer sending someone an envelope in the
mail with your return address in the upper left hand corner.
Unfortunately, 'email spoofing' is not something that we, nor any other
email service, can prevent as it happens completely apart from your email
account or your ???? account. This problem is currently affecting computer
users everywhere.
For some recent articles about the problem:

For more information about 'email spoofing':,24330,2566233,00.html

Please note that even though your email address has been used by the virus
someone else's computer, this does not mean that your computer is infected.
you are concerned that your computer may be infected with a virus, here are
helpful links:

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