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Date: Sat Sep 06 2003 - 14:50:33 EEST

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I finally did get this to work using a different mail program that would send plain text (Netscrape).
Outlook is converting my mail to HTML....


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>>>> unsubscribe rp-ml
>>>> end

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unsubscribe rp-ml
-I have tried numerous times to unsubscribe, following the
-directions on your web site. I simply get errors back from
-majordomo like the one below. I presume my email is being
-mysteriously (to me) converted to HTML format and your
-majordomo can't process it. I have tried every setting in
-my mail program to send plain text, to no avail.

-Please remove my address from your list!

-Harold Luper
-Manager of Fabrication Lab
-Solidiform Incorporated

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