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From: James P. Harrison (
Date: Wed Sep 10 2003 - 01:59:53 EEST

Here's my 2 cents. We are very busy and I don't have anything to say. The
Spam doesn't bother me because I have filters and I am used to getting
flamed! The e-trash is just like the junk mail I get at home. I just toss
it into the circular file.

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  The question raised was: "There used to be healthy discussions of
prototyping on the rp-ml, but I find little of interest of late. What's

  Excerpts from the only four responses received:

  people are getting fed-up with the spam!

  list members have grown weary of getting flamed for their input

  many have jumped ship because of the glut of e-trash that comes from those
who have access to the list members' addresses

  getting a little tired of getting spammed with
out-of-the-office-email-does-not-exist e-mails

   hope the list is quiet because everyone else is.

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