From: simbi angulu (mrssimbi10@masrawy.com)
Date: Sat Sep 13 2003 - 20:15:49 EEST

My name is Mrs. Simbi Angulu and i need your assistance.I am the widow of Ramon Angulu, former Liberia Minister of Health. My husband died on April 12 2002.After his death the government seized our properties and froze our accounts and try to kill us so we now move to Togo(WEST AFRICA) where we are now on political assylum, things have been so bad.But i recently discovered that my husband deposited about US$16 million dollars in a safe place outside my country.I am unable to claim these funds myself because of travel restrictions which have been placed on me.
I need your assistance to claim this funds and secure them so that i take my family away from the oppression that we now face.In return for your assistance i am willing to give you portion of the money,i am open for reasonable negotiation on this.
I will give details and proof after i hear from you.Please keep this confidential as the future of my family depends on this.I hope to hear from you soon also send me your telephone number so that i can tell you more details.
Mrs. Angulu

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