RE: HP getting ito the rapid prototype printer business

From: Charles Overy (
Date: Tue Sep 16 2003 - 21:36:49 EEST

Larry ,

If I remember the article right it was largely about management of HP and
whether they could or would enter in to new markets. I think there were some
pretty harsh comments from industry analysts about HP's recent track record
in innovation. This would be in stark contrast to the old HP (pre spin off
and pre Compaq) which was always held as a case study for a company that
made X% of revenues from product introduced in the last x years (I cannot
remember the stats). In the article RP was just an example of a speculative
market that HP had looked at. My reading was that the tone was pretty
pessimistic or at least brought into question whether HP management could
execute on entry into any new markets let alone the RP market.

 Also the 3D printer "COULD" sell for as little as $1000. Presumably that
is on significant volumes. Again, I guess that it would have to be numbers
that exceed sales of their large format inkjet plotters. That or the HP
machine is significantly simpler than the cheapest of the plotters, which I

The question remains is there a current market for that volume of RP
machine? If so, in what industry or industries? With what software
creating the valid and immediately printable STL files? At what price for

I think it would be great but I'm not holding my breath.


Charles Overy

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> Group,
> It seem that a few months ago I read here or on some other listserve
> that HP is in R/D for creating a
> 3-dimensional printer that will sell for around $1,000.00. Any updates
> or was this just smoke and mirrors?
> Thank you in advance for your response,
> Larry
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