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From: George W. Hart (
Date: Wed Sep 17 2003 - 03:40:25 EEST

Jonathan Chertok wrote:
>...The Collection at Gottingen is one of the
> pre-eminent collections of this type in the world, a portion of which
> I just recently finished recreating in stl file format....

This is a great project, which I had planned on getting to one of these
days. I am happy to see someone else doing it first! Is there a web
page where these stl files are available?

I have "reconstructed" other models from the Gottingen collection, ones
related to four-dimensional polytopes. Details are in this paper:

This supports my belief that the eventual big market for solid freeform
fabrication will be education. Every school will eventually have
fabrication equipment for making educational models on demand ---
chemical, biological, mathematical, anatomical, etc. Textbook publishers
and other educational sources will provide the files. Teachers will
print what is relevant to their lessons each day and pass the models
around the classroom.

George Hart
Stony Brook University

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