LOM 1015 - Plotter Parts

From: Kumi Limited (simon.graham@kumi-solutions.com)
Date: Wed Sep 17 2003 - 12:44:55 EEST

Dear Stamatis and all surviving LOM 1015 owners,

If we are talking 1015 and not 1015+ we used to source most of our plotter
parts from Roland in Swansea. We even cut a deal many years back to buy up
some units which where incomplete. I think they had been cannibalised by
service guys in the field, motors, pen carriers stuff like that, but there
was still plenty of parts which where useful.

I've not needed their support for a number of years so I made a couple of
calls and below are the latest details and contact names.

Roland DG (UK) Ltd
Redwood Court Tawe Business Village
Swansea West Glamorgan

Spares Department DDi Tel: +44 (0)1792 600531

Contacts are either: - Annette or Steve
My guess is that there are set ups like this all over the world, so track
down your local Roland site and give them a call. We never had an account
with Roland and since the orders were small paying on pro-former was no

I hope this is of help to all the 1015 users out there still running on the
original set up.


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