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Date: Wed Sep 17 2003 - 22:27:25 EEST

Dear Dr. Bibb,

Thank you for encouraging me to respond to the list. We continue
supporting LOM users with 1015 systems and more recent systems such as
1015Plus and 2030H. For 1015Plus and 2030H we offer service maintenance
contracts. For earlier generation systems such as 1015 and 2030 we do
not. However, we do service them on time and material basis as long as
the parts are available. Some of the parts for the early systems may no
longer be available or difficult to procure from their original
manufacturers such as Rolland. This was the case of the flexible cable
requested from us by NTUA. For the early LOM system users we do offer
an upgrade to 1015 Plus systems, which primarily involves replacement of
the Rolland plotter with a custom built servo driven XY positioner. It
significantly improves performance of the machine resulting in higher
build speed and surface finish of the parts. Additionally it is a much
more reliable and serviceable module than the original plotter. The cost
of the upgrade is $15,000 plus travel expenses for the installation
technician. We also provide paper material for LOM systems.

Please contact me if you need some help.

Best regards,

Michael Feygin, President
Cubic Technologies
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Dear George,

You are quite right that Cubic probably should be able to help. I was
of hoping that they would respond on the List as their website does not
to have been updated for a long time. However, one of the major problems
gather is that some of the electrical and electronic component are no

LOM can have some applications in medical work and I have used it many
times. Just like industrial applications I find it particularly good for
large models such as heads, faces and large simple bones like the pelvis


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