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From: Barclay Hambrook (
Date: Fri Sep 19 2003 - 00:26:33 EEST

I noted your involvement in Automation and Control Systems-- I would like to briefly introduce you to NorhTec.

We specialize in the manufacture of very small computer, ultra-energy efficient servers (MicroSevers) using the newest technology.

FEATURES and BENEFITS of NorhTec MicroServer HP (Pentium 3)

Small (e.g. paperback book sized)
Ultra Energy Efficient (e.g. 7 Watts vs. typical tower 400 Watts)
Fan-Less (reduces failures, can deploy in unfriendly environments--dusty, humid, salty, hydrocarbons or chemicals)
x86 (support Windows, UNIX, Linux)
Include internal Hard Drive or Solid State
Fully networkable

NorhTec's product family includes 5 other brand new products-- Multi-Client, Silent Server

We are now receiving repest orders from numerous commercial, industrial, institutional markets, and the US gov't.

Our Target Markets include oil and gas, food processing, water and sewage, transportation, homeland security, factory and home automation, digital streaming, SCADA, and education.

We are looking to partner with Systems Integrators and/or to sell our products.

Please contact me anytime for more information and/or a brochure on our new MicroServer HP.

Best regards

Barclay Hambrook, P. Eng., MBA
NorhTec Corporation
Office: (403) 685 1888
Mob: (403) 714 8808

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NorhTec MicroServers
Phone (403 ) 685 1888

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