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Date: Fri Sep 19 2003 - 07:22:23 EEST


May be this query is an offline to RP.

Recently we have started a Central Facility at Indian Institute of
Technology Kanpur, India called 4i Lab(Ideation, Innovation,
Incubation Implementation). It is equipped with all the facilities
required for the Product Development(from Reverse Engineering to
Prototyping). We have ATOS scanner, CAD/CAE facility, Deckel Maho
Milling Center, Gildmeister Turing Center, Titan from Stratasys,
Omax Water Jet Cutting Machine. The basic purpose of this facility
is that all the students both Under Graduate and Post Graduate
Students get trained on these machines and work for their research
program. In continuing our facilities enhancement we are planning
to get a Laser Cutting Machine and a PCB manufacturing Machine. We
are very happy to inform you about our new facility to the

My only concern is that we want some information regarding the
Laser Cutting machine. We need your help in this regard by
suggesting proper Laser Cutting Machine.

We provide research services in the areas of CAD/CAE/RP/RA/RE as a
whole in Product Development activities.

with best regards,

For further information please contact:

Research Engineer,
Kanpur, India
Pin: 208 016

Tel: +91-512-2597475,2597838
Fax: +91-512-2597302

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