jump starting backyard rp

From: Bo Atkinson (bo@midcoast.com)
Date: Fri Sep 19 2003 - 15:09:21 EEST


I wonder if any of you are interested in back yard rp?

Count me in on a good desk top unit per the HP thread, I'd pay $5K
today only if I could out put at $3/ lb including energy costs.
Durable plastic, great resolution and low maintenance of machine
would be expected. Ten years at least, by the sound of it.

In the mean time I'm wondering if a small 3D router bed could be
harnessed with a modified MIG welder to generate real steel, but
crude 3D prints. One way to jump start a system may be as follows.

  I've found that there are a number of ways to fuse metal free form
in space, with a $1K MIG welder. Some extra jury-rigged gear is also
needed along with innovative common sense. With some practice, a
solid 3D model would be user converted into 3D spline paths. (Not 2D
spline for substantially 3D models). My software can do this nicely,
(formZ 4.0).

My bet is that if the 3D router could follow the user generated 3D
spline path, that a crude , 3D, steel model would successfully print
in high strength steel. Anyone have a perfect router bed or
equivalent? I might like to buy it.

Bo Atkinson

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