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From: David K. Leigh (
Date: Mon Sep 22 2003 - 18:06:17 EEST

There is an overload switch that will "pop" if the current jumps on it. So,
if you crush a part, the roller will stop and you will get a timeout in the
software. The switch is by no means a hair trigger, so it will mess the
part cake up pretty good before it trips. To remove the part, you will have
to be half magician and half machinist because the whole thing is geared
pretty good. After everything is in working order, you have to reset that

So, did you have a mishap, or just curious in case you ever do?

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  Out of curiosity:

  Does anyone out there know if there is some sort of safety feature on the
roller of a Sinterstation, such as a disengage clutch, to keep it from
crushing the heck out of an obstacle inadvertently left in its path? Or I
suppose to keep it from tearing up the drive train of the roller mechanism.

  All replies greatly appreciated.

  Scott Tilton

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