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From: Roger Spielman (
Date: Mon Sep 22 2003 - 18:06:08 EEST

Howdy Scott -
The early 2000's and 2500 series are driven by a (geared) rack and VERY stout. Don't get in it's way. The "+" series and newer are belt driven and can be stopped without much force. I wouldn't recommend doing this of course, but the "+" and newer are much less prone to do long term damage if you happen to get in the way.
Roger Spielman
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Subject: Sinterstation Safety Features

Out of curiosity:
Does anyone out there know if there is some sort of safety feature on the roller of a Sinterstation, such as a disengage clutch, to keep it from crushing the heck out of an obstacle inadvertently left in its path? Or I suppose to keep it from tearing up the drive train of the roller mechanism.
All replies greatly appreciated.
Scott Tilton

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